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We’ve been shooting n’ looting in digital and analogue from dusk till dawn for quite some time now, and we’ll keep riding these horses until they faint or we get thrown off. Not sure what to take from that? Well, take a look at what kind of services we offer, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to let you know exactly how we can help you ride along with us!

Service production

We’re your local one-stop production partner i the Nordic Countries. We can handle everything when it comes to service production: research, location scouting, casting, budgetting, scheduling, crew hire, equipment, transportation, accommodation and craft service.

From start to the finish line

We can handle the entire process from the first idea through pre-production, shooting and post-production to a final result. We’ve handled everything from small mobile setups to massive crew and technically demanding projects.

Find the right match

When doing a commercial it’s not just about the right idea or setup. It’s important to get the right person behind the wheels. We make sure that the director we recommend for the project is a good match for the kind of story that has to be told.

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A Nordic Crush

Scandinavia, with it’s long summer days with it’s special light and it’s dark white winters is an ideal place for shooting. Whether it’s a unique location or a special tonality, or even just to enjoy a different scene, we recommend shooting in the Nordic countries.

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